GRANDEURIDEAS.COM revolves around home design and decor, and is aimed at anyone who loves to decorate and create fabulous interiors. The concept is to create a platform through which we can share our love of beautiful surroundings with like minded people, in the process forming life long friendships. We love to talk and post about everything related to house decor; from the latest trends to fun and embarrassing stories that every home decorator and home owner comes across.
What sets up apart? We don’t just want to post, we want to listen too! We’d love for you be a part of our blog. Whether it’s by commenting and giving us your feedback, sharing pictures of your home or by writing an article, thus allowing you to share your projects and experiences to help and guide us and everyone reading.

We wish you luck for all your home projects and hope that you enjoy them to the fullest!

Because in the words of Bunny Williams:

“If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”

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