Gray Glory

Neutrals are all the rage right now. Interior designers’ favorites from the start, the neutral palette’s fanbase has further expanded with the Kardashian nod of approval. Neutrals and monochrome palettes are favored by all of the Kardashian and Jenner fam, and have been everywhere ever since! Makeup! Interiors! Dresses! Shoes! And what not!

One of the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the neutral palette is the color Gray. This color is incredibly versatile and can be mixed and matched with all types of furniture and decor, always looking elegant and chic.


50 Shades Of Gray

E.L.James knew her colors alright! The bedroom above is designed beautifully and shows how different shades of the color gray can come together for a harmonious and elegant feel.


Solid Gray

This is perfect for the entryway way and dining room. A dark shade of gray contrasting with the shiny, reflective mirror surface is not only instantly glamorous but also great for giving small spaces the illusion of width.

Via Tom Pearce Interior Design

Enhance That Pop

A single piece in a bold, bright color surrounded by muted tones of gray is an elegant way to execute an eccentric design idea.

Via Vever Em Cass


Yellow accents in this room substitute the orange couch above. Another important message here: Furniture and decor look just as sophisticated in shades of gray.


Thank you for reading.

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