Dine In

Ah, dining rooms. Center stage for family politics, celebrations and all that thanksgiving drama, alot of the memories we hold near and dear to our heart are associated with this room. Here are a few inspirational pictures and tips to make sure your pictures come out as beautiful as the memories in your mind.

Colors And Spice

Refreshing and fun, colorful interior such as walls, furniture or accents make the eating in experience alot less boring. Dining rooms are a great place to experiment because, hey, who is going to focus on some teeny tiny mistakes when you’re serving them hot and delicious food.

Tip: people have told me on countless occasions that certain colors which are associated with sleep or distasteful things, like dark shades of green, blue and purple are to be avoided. Along the same lines, certain colors are said to stimulate the appetite and thus are recommended for dining rooms. These include white, yellow, red, orange and pastel shades. IMO however, you don’t need to worry about it too much.Just remember though, research is key! Go online and look for ideas similar to yours to know exactly what you want.


Via http://www.stylisheve.com
Via http://www.verticalstore.co
Via http://www.completely-coastal.com
Colorful Bright Dining Room Interior Designs 0910
Via http://www.writespell.com
Via http://www.stylisheve.com


Minimalist Chic

Minimalist.Chic. Sophisticated. Need I say more?

Tip: When opting for a minimalist approach to interiors, pay special attention to symmetry and make sure your room has a focal point (example, the dining table itself with fancy lighting above or a well decorated wall that catches the eye).

Dining Room Minimalist Decor Ideas For Fascinating Kitchen Design pertaining to Designing A Minimalist Dining Room Idea
Via http://www.verticalstore.co
Via http://www.ultimatehomeideas.com
Via http://www.gettyimages.com
Via http://www.furniture-furniture.com



Contemporary Classics

Think reflective, clean cut furniture and unusual lighting ideas.

Note: When the room is disproportionate, that is more longer than wider or vice versa, use a mirror that covers the whole wall to create the illusion or width or length.

Via http://www.3ei.co
Via http://www.homedesignlover.com
Via http://www.homedesigning.com
Via http://www.youtube.com (Google Images)


Traditional Beauty

Sweet and homey, traditional dining rooms are a real treat for the eyes.

Tip: Floral prints on the chairs, curtains and wallpaper are your best friends here. Antique lamps and candle stands paired with a painting seem charming and regal.

Via http://www.houzz.com
Via http://www.decor.966v.com
Via http://www.houzz.com
Via pinterest



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