Rugged Affair

I still remember the first time I fell in love with a rug. It was at a friend’s house, placed artfully under her coffee table. White, soft and incredibly fluffy, it was something I never knew I needed.

No matter what category your taste or style falls under, you will always find a carpet you love pretty easily. Carpets and rugs are sold in every city, almost every town, because we as a human race have accepted the importance of a soft, artistic fabric laying delicately on top our floors. If lamps are used for highlighting, then rugs are undoubtedly the contouring kits for a room.

Carpets and rugs are a great way to add detail and personality to your interiors. They come in a number of shapes, colors, fabric and patterns.

Here I present to you the most amazing carpet decor ideas I could find, and breaking them down to tell you how the designer pulled it off.

Persian Classic


Classic and artful, Persian rugs can be styled in a number of ways.

  • You can create a blended, subtle effect with the rugs by incorporating the same color palette in your furniture and decor, as demonstrated in the top picture.
  • You can pair a Persian rug featuring bold colors and patterns with light floors and decor to create a stark contrast for added drama, as shown in the picture in the middle.
  • The bottom picture is a contemporary take on Persian carpets and I love it! Overdyed Persian Carpets are urban, modern and incredibly chic. To stay on the same side however, be sure to use accents in the same color.


You Only Live Once!


The color and print of a rug obviously make room for vast versatility. That, however, does not mean you have to be boring. Go bold with a pattern as shown left, a color as shown center, or both as shown in the right picture.Again, you only live once!


Urban Texture


Another great way add creativity to your room is by using rugs that have variations in depth. You can do this by either layering your rugs on top each other or by buying one with self made patterns. This adds textures and is instantly chic.


Cozy Haven


Fluffy rugs are everyone’s weakness. Who doesn’t want to come home after a rough day at work and lean back on their couch with soft furs tingling their feet. Available in basically in any color you want, they are comfortable, gorgeous and ridiculously easy to style with.


Thank you for reading.

Hope you enjoyed the post.Β Please let me know your thoughts!





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