Nishat Linen’s Gorgeous Outlet

Nishat combines beauty and efficiency.

So I went out town for some end of the vacay shopping, and I decided to go over to the nearest Nishat. Not that I haven’t been to Nishat before,oh no! The colorful and fun prints Nishat offers have made a loyal, and royal, customer. However, this was my first time visiting the outlet opposite Naheed at Shaheed-e-Millat road. While the exterior was lovely, it wasn’t anything special since clean, sparkling glass doors are synonymous with brand outlets in Karachi. It was the interior that caught my eye. The attention to texture, style, efficiency and space was ah-mazing!

Treasure on display. What does thy heart desire?
Name of the game is reflection
The black tufted seats were to die for! These would fit perfectly in the living room.
The perfect way to accessorize a stairway.
Walking up the stairway, this clever design work is what you see.
Spaced used productively.

The combination of sparkling glass and floors in contrast to the rich tones of the oak wood used was stunning.Β The clothes were display on the racks neatly, with the handbags placed on the shelf above them in a color coordinated way. The section of the store with the jewelry and shoes looked carved for the dressing room at a runway show. Black leather tufted seats for comfort and style were placed to match the black used strongly for the jewelry and shoe display. Β Mirrors were placed where ever possible to further brighten up the room, should the black and the earthy tones of the wood dull the room.

What absolutely had my heart and is probably the reason I am writing this post was the staircase. It was perfect! Absolutely perfect. Focused around a gray pebble mixture the staircase lead down into the unstitched and home fabric section.Β Texture paradise! Thats what is was. Smooth and structured wood against the gray rough rocks and the velvety black leather seat- everything was exactly how it was supposed to be.

Loved the experience, loved the decor!

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