Log Cabin Vibes

One hot summer day I slumped into my room, exhausted from my med school and hated it immediately. The orange walls and decor of my room attacked me with the intense, bright color. It was then that I decided I wanted to redo my room. To be honest, it wasn’t the best of times for a renovation; budget was tight and free time was a blessing. I managed to make it happen however because I wanted to come back to a room that I could relax and soothe my senses in.

It was really easy for me to decide the theme of the room . I have always adored log cabins. The fresh greenery, birds chirping, the smell of morning rain and the glimpses of sky visible from above the canopy the trees formed. That was what I wanted. Cool, fresh and pleasing. The look that I wanted for my room was going to incorporate various elements of such cabins as to replicate the good night’s sleep one gets there.

Windows ❀ ❀
Perfumes and body sprays
Dressing table.




The shelf feat. med school books


Favorite corner.


3 lil monkeys in pajamas


Zee bed.
Love the clock!

While choosing the paint for the walls I was confused between the colors gray and green. The answer was obvious however when I googled log cabins. Keeping in mind the typical exterior of a cabin- that is, a wooden cabin surrounded by greenery- I was positive that green was the color that would bring out the effect I was aiming for. The shade I chose was a dull, medium sage green. The first time I looked at it, it reminded me of the leafs after rainfall and I instantly knew this was the perfect shade.

The furniture that I had-Β which were to name a walnut bed, 2 side tables and a dresser- was light brown in color. While it would’ve went with the theme, I wanted something darker, like mahogany. Low on budget, I decided to get it painted. The guy who I called didn’t recommend it though. He reasoned that if we were to paint it, it would mess with finish and texture. He suggested getting it polished in a dark shade instead. Thus polish it was. The guy and his employee were super fast and efficient and believe it or not, the work was done-completed!- the next day.The only reason I waited for 2 more days was for it to dry so that I could move it.

My favorite part was shopping for the tiny little details and finishes that had to be taken care of. With an aim in mind and eyes on the clock, I hit the market next week and came back with allΒ I needed, happy and content. The items? 2 white lamps for my night stands, 4 gorgeous white curtains for my lovely window (I love my windows!<3), a lovely vintage white clock and 3 framed paintings. Two weeks later however, I looked at the room and was less satisfied. Internally, I felt like something was missing. But what was the thing missing? With sheer luck, I figured it out. I remembered that my mum had a beautiful settee in the store room that was rotting away because she had bought a new sofa set. So I took it out, dusted it like crazy and had it sent to this amazing shop in my locality that changes the sofa seats and fabric. It came out ah-mazing!

So although I steered away from my usual glamorous and urban Kardashian style, all of the above craziness resulted in a room that I adore and am proud of.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you guys like it and please let me know your thoughts!

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