The Vintage Dream – Lindsay Aratari

A DIY lover, Lindsay Aratari loves antique shopping and decorating her house- or “making our house a home” as she so eloquently puts. She runs the blog, Aratari At Home and some of her favorite things include dried lavender, vintage pieces, baking, and neutral colors . Lindsay married her husband, John Paul last summer and here she takes us through her new gorgeous home in Buffalo, New York.

The Sun Room

IMG_0686IMG_0445IMG_0748FullSizeRender (5)

Bright and airy, Lindsay’s sun room is the type of room you’d love to curl up and read a book in, on a dark, rainy afternoon. I love how she enhanced the greenery outside through her decor.

“My favorite part of this room are all the windows.  I wanted to create a neutral and calming space because this is the room that we relax in.  I wanted this to feel cozy and comfortable.  I incorporated some very fun textures/patterns with the jute rug, floral pillows, and pallet table.  I brought in some natural elements with the hanging wreaths and the dried lavender to highlight the beautiful greenery right outside the windows.  Overall, my vision for this space was to be inviting and warm and I really feel that I accomplished that in this sun room.”

The Living Room

IMG_0533IMG_0486IMG_0427 (1)


The living room shows us that you can personalize a space while staying within a neutral colour palette. It is perfectly balanced, exhibiting both organization and creativity. I absolutely adore the barn doors and shutters!

“For my living room, I wanted to create a space that felt very homey and organic.  I used a lot of antiques that I found at local antique shops to create a unique space.  From the chippy gate to the ice cream parlor chairs to the suitcases, I couldn’t have found better pieces to complete this space.  I incorporated lots of neutrals with pops of color here and there.  The barn door and shutters were all found around the house that I re-purposed into architectural decor pieces.  They are my favorite part of this room.”

The Dining Room

IMG_0788 (1)IMG_0764IMG_0298IMG_0653IMG_0352

The dining room is an absolute delight! The turquoise bench is gives off a very fresh, light vibe to the room, and the chairs are proof that Lindsay has some serious DIY skills!

For my dining room, I used a mix of old and new pieces.  The dining room table and the buffet were all brand new pieces I purchased for our new home.  The chippy bench was a recent find at an antique store which I loved to bring in some brightness to the dining room.  The chairs were a little DIY project that I am so proud of.  I found some old chairs that needed some love which I chalk painted and reupholstered.  I went for a farmhouse look in the dining room with the chairs, table, and antiques.  The antique sign was also a DIY chalkpaint project which I adore leaning on top of the antique galvanized tub.  The Vintage Shiplap Sign was from one of my favorite stores, Magnolia Market.  This whole space feels inviting to me.  I wanted a dining room where people would feel right at home.  Dinner parties are so fun in this space!

How would you describe your style? And what is your source of inspiration to create such interiors?

I would say that my style is a mix between farmhouse, vintage, and cozy.  I love the mix of old and new pieces.  I think the different textures from old antiques mixed with the new “made to look like antiques” creates such a fun balance.  I love using neutral colors in my home so that I have a blank slate for adding different pieces seasonally.  I get a lot of inspiration from Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines.  I think her style really resonates with me when decorating our home.  I always want to create a space that I love and that I love living in.

Every home owner comes across certain challenges or obstacles that they face when decorating. What was that certain challenge for you?

The challenge for me when decorating our home is that this home was built in 1900.  There is a lot of built in character that I really did not want to over decorate and take away from the beauty of the home.  This is why I used so many antiques to really pay homage to the fact that this is a very vintage home.  The rooms are somewhat hard to decorate as they did not have TVs back in 1900.  So positioning the living room was a bit of a challenge because it is a long and narrow room.  I do feel like I nailed it and we love the set up of our living room.

What room did you enjoy styling the most?

My favorite room to style was probably the dining room.  As much as I love my sun room and living room, the dining room was where I focused a lot of my energy when we first moved in.  I think that’s why I have a little sweet spot for the dining room.  I completed a big project with chalk painting and reupholstering all the chairs that I really have an affinity for that space.

An interior decor trend you love?

A trend that I love is neutral colors and white!  I’m a big fan of using these colors in my home.  I feel like it’s a trend that will not go out of style because they can be so simple and fun to decorate with.

An interior decor trend you aren’t a fan of?

A trend that I am not a fan of is following big trends. I tend to lean more towards classic and timeless pieces.  I don’t want to decorate with something because it is what is trendy.  When doing this, I feel that I am always having to change my home around to fit the trends.

Your top 3 tips for anyone decorating or renovating their home?

  1. Buy and decorate with what you love
  2. Be patient and enjoy the decorating/renovating process
  3. Utilize neutrals throughout your home


Lindsay Aratari’s house is stunning, true to her her taste and she is an absolute darling to work with. We wish her the best of luck for her house, marriage and blog Aratari At Home .




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