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taylr.jpgTaylor Scarboro is a curator; she runs a little online shop and blog called sugar & succulents. Taylor currently lives in Mechanicsburg PA USA with her Husband, Aaron, and their English bulldog, Charlotte.  She loves indulging in the simple pleasures in life: a chai tea in the crisp autumn air, gelato by the ocean, or staying in on cozy winter nights. Here Taylor takes us through her beautiful house.


Entryway- Smart First Impression

entryway 1entryway2gallery wallgallery wall2gallery3

The entryway shows us how a strategic approach and personalized touches can come together to create a pretty space.

We have a small house without a defined mudroom or entryway. To resolve this issue, I hung a set of  rustic near the front door for our every day coats, umbrellas, the dog leash, and bags. Directly underneath is a functional and industrial-inspired storage cubby that we use for our keys, mail, and as a catchall. I love how it fits in with our decor but also hides the mess! I declutter this area once daily to keep only the necessities. Everything else goes in the drawers, in the closet, or its proper place. I really love the connivence of these hooks, but also hate an untidy looking space.
This wall also happens to be the longest one in our home, so the improvised entryway leads directly into a gallery wall. Gallery walls seem to be really popular in home decor right now, and you can definitely see why! I love how this wall displays the important things in our lives: our marriage, our family, friends, and pets. The focal piece is old window pane that was given to me as a gift by one of my dearest friends. I change out the photos and decor pieces with the seasons. Currently, I’m loving this little quote as a reminder to get outside and enjoy the summer! This piece was handmade by MBArt Studios, one of my favorite ceramic artists.


Living Room- Pretty And Cozy


The living room tells us much about Taylor. Down to earth, tidy, and gentle.

In front of this wall is our TV/living room. I love the open airy feel of these white IKEA couches; they really help to open up a small spot. I’ve overloaded them with pillows and blankets for a lived-in, cozy feel. To accentuate the informality of this area, I wanted a large ottoman as opposed to a conventional coffee table. I made this one out of an old crate on wheels. It rolls around and opens up to store extra blankets, pillows, books, movies, or whatever other pieces are lying around and need a quick home to keep them out of the way.

If you couldn’t already tell, I love using storage pieces that double as staged decor. In addition to the ottoman, I have this old rusty basket in the corner that holds even more blankets and pillows! I don’t think you can ever have too many, but my husband would disagree. I love how this industrial basket pairs with the soft cozy fabrics inside of it. As a bonus, it hides our Verizon box for the TV too.

This room is where we spend most of our time and I love how clean and bright, but also comfortable and inviting it is. Whenever possible, I try to stage little vignettes on this tray and fill a mason jar with fresh flowers.


Dining Room- Innovative Love

diningroom5diningroom3diningdining room 2diningroom8diningroom6diningroom4diningroom7

The dining room is subtle with pops of colors added through decor and exhibits the incredible talent this couple has.

We have an open floor plan, so our living and dining rooms are actually one open space. To add some separation and the appearance of two distinctive areas, I’ve arranged the couches to close off the living room and added this buffet as a junction to the dining room. I refinished this piece and added some of my favorite farmhouse pieces to give it some character.

My husband and I made our dining room table and it was definitely a labor of love. I have the full tutorial on my blog if you’d like to see how we made it or painted it to give it such an aged, distressed look. This piece is a huge statement in our tiny house. I love gathering with friends and family and wanted a table where everyone could eat together. This 8-foot farm table currently has 6 chairs, but it can easily accommodate 10 guests. I put the large clock on the wall to help balance the layout; such a large table needs another decor piece for symmetry in this corner.

I love keeping my farmhouse cloche on the table and it’s often filled with fresh baked goodies. When they’ve been eaten or I haven’t baked recently, I fill it with some of my favorite faux succulents for a bit of color.


Kitchen- Neat And Clean

kitchen 3kitchenkitchen2kitchen4

Our kitchen is tiny but works for us! I love the subway tile and the white cabinets. The granite is great at hiding everyday messes. I’d love to take credit for these accents; but our landlord designed this kitchen. I try to keep all of my appliances stored out of the way for a tidy look. I don’t often style new vignettes here, I like to keep it simple so that I can have a clean work area for creating delicious meals! However, I do love my copper kettle so much that I keep it out on display.


Hallway- Where Organization Meets Serenity


A small hallway leads to our office, guest bathroom, and master bedroom. The hallway has a ton of storage in the closet, which is really helpful for keeping the house tidy. I added a small table and mirror to make it feel larger and catch the light.


Guest Bathroom- Sweet Hospitality


The guest bath is very simply decorated. I added a few touches to make guests feel at home, including extra hand towels, lotion, Q-tips, and cotton balls. I change out the towels seasonally to add some festive touches. I love the cool blue for the summer, but in the fall I have a lovely autumn burnt orange.


Bedroom And Bathroom- Sacred Haven.


The bedroom is simple, sweet and private. The emphasis here is on texture and the couple’s relationship. The table is just gorgeous and I love it’s subtle charm- it blends in with the room, yet has it’s own special character.
Our bedroom follows the same neutral color patterns as the rest of the house, but I have even less stuff in there! I love the calm, tranquil feeling of this sleep-time retreat along with a few heartfelt pieces. The pillow on the bed was a wedding gift with the lyrics to our first dance on it. The pressed flowers hanging above the bed are from my wedding bouquet.


This bathroom is a little more personal than the guest room; but my favorite part is the storage! I love these catch-all baskets that hide the mess of hair products, makeup, and general toiletries. I think by now it’s a little too obvious how much I love storage, right?!


Sunroom- Cheery Vibes


The sun room is a pleasant cocktail of pastels, neutral and a whole lot of light and air coming in through the windows.
We have a sunroom that the pets have been LOVING this summer! I too, enjoy sitting out here and opening the windows. It’s the perfect transition space when you want to be in the shade but also feel like you’re outdoors.


How would you describe your style? And what inspires you to create such interiors?

My style is very much inspired by the incredible Joanna Gaines; I just love that farmhouse feel. But I also tend to feel stressed and anxious in cluttered spaces, so Marie Kondo’s The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up was a huge influence on my style and keeping my home in order. As I mentioned, a lot of my decor pieces double as storage. I love keeping a clean slate and coming home to my sanctuary.

Every home owner comes across certain challenges or obstacles that they face when decorating. What was that certain challenge for you? And how do you suggest someone in a similar situation tackle it?

My biggest challenge with this home is that we rent it! As many renters know, that means we aren’t permitted to make certain changes without our landlords permission. This is a huge challenge when trying to create a home that feels like ours but also cant be altered much.

I think the easiest way to tackle this for someone in a similar situation would be to find a rental with a layout that works for you. If you’re happy with the flow of the home and its practical for you and your family, you can always add furniture, decor pieces, vignettes, and plants to add your own style and taste to the space. Luckily for me, I love the look of neutral walls.

What room/area did you enjoy styling the most? Why?

I’d say I loved decorating our living room the most because it’s unique to this house. We move a lot for my husband’s job, so I picked up the bedroom and bathrooms and just restyled them in this house; but the living area was a new layout and required some new pieces. I got the new couch covers (previously grey) and built the ottoman, as well as purchased a new TV stand (not pictured).

An interior decor trend/idea you love?

I’m loving all of the functionality being created in homes: deep kitchen drawers, mud rooms, and usable open shelving. I think it’s important to make a home useful and beautiful.

An interior decor trend/idea you aren’t a fan of?

Oh this is such a hard question. Personally I don’t love mid-century modern designs, but I wouldn’t tell someone else not to decorate their home that way…it’s just a personal preference.

Your top 3 tips for anyone decorating or renovating their home? 

Stay true to two things: yourself and your budget.

  • Don’t decorate a room with a nautical theme because it’s “in” right now. You wont be happy in that space, and it won’t feel like home.
  • It’s easy to get caught up in decorating and spend more than you wanted to, or more than you should.
  • With that said, I’d also avoid buying a lot of cheap pieces. Spend a little time window shopping to find what speaks to your heart. Invest in quality pieces that will add character and personality to your home. It’s an ongoing marathon, not a sprint. I’ve made the mistake of settling for cheaply made knockoffs that I discarded rather than taking the time to think about which pieces I truly wanted to have.

A quote you’d love to hang in your bedroom?

Oh there are so many! I love good quotes. I think I have to go with the sugar & succulents motto: Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

Taylor’s house is gorgeous, every detail taken care of and every thing from decor to furniture placed strategically. The woman herself is inventive and truly passionate about her house. We wish her all the best for her life, career, marriage and house. Visit her blog Sugar And Succulents.



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  1. jennfeeley says:

    Cute blog and cute house!

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    1. omg! yes, I shall edit!


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