Oh Baby! – Ashley Wilson


Ashley Wilson runs a fashion and lifestyle blog, Beau & Arrow and is a stylist as well. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and new baby. She spends lots of time traveling for her husband’s job in the music industry and like to explore new places as a family. Here she takes us through her son, Georgie’s adorable nursery and shares with us her how she created it.


Georgie’s Paradise


Ashley keeps the baby room clean and calm by using shades of white through out the room, all the while adding class through the wooden crib and the stunning chandelier. 

My idea for the room was for it to be neutral and have rustic boyish elements, but still be soft enough to have a baby/nursery feel.I love the chandelier the most. It is strands of beads with a hanging feather detail. It really brings the room together. I love it so much that I plan to put it in my closet after he out grows his nursery.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as boho chic. I like to play with textures and use a lot of neutrals.

Every home owner comes across certain challenges or obstacles that they face when decorating. What was that certain challenge for you? And how do you suggest someone in a similar situation tackle it?

I know we won’t be in this home too much longer, so I wanted to make a statement without doing anything that would compromise being able to sell the home.  At first, I was deadset on putting up wallpaper, but decided to make other bold statements instead and keep a neutral paint.

What room/area did you enjoy styling the most?

This was my favorite room in my house to style!

An interior decor trend/idea you love?

I’ve been noticing a new trend of old tobacco baskets as wall decor. I don’t have one yet, but it’s next on the list. They add so much interest to a room

An interior decor trend/idea you aren’t a fan of?

Hmm… That’s a hard one! I’m not a fan of overly contemporary design. I want myhome to feel warm and lived in.

Your top 3 tips for anyone decorating or renovating their home?

  • Don”t rush! It’s easier to add things as you find them.
  • Pick up pieces when you travel. It adds more meaning.
  • Play with textures. You can make a bold statement without a bold color.

A quote you’d love to hang in your bedroom?

We have the sheet music to our wedding song framed over our bed. It’s a pretty piece, but it also has so much meaning.

Ashley Wilson sounds like an amazing person and a more fabulous mom. The amount of love and hard work she put into creating her baby’s nursery speaks volumes about the amount of love she has for her family. We wish her the best of luck for her family, career and life.

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