Of Refined Ways – Angelique


Angelique lives in Long Island New York with her  husband of 5 years and two dogs. The couple moved in to their second home a year ago. Originally from Guyana from where she moved to the US at the age of 13, Angelique loves to travel and experience different cultures and traditions. Interior design is her passion and although she works in NYC she loves to live in the peace and tranquility of the suburbs. Some of her most cherished memories are time spent with family, her fur babies and friends. Here she takes us through her gorgeous house.

The Living RoomScreenshot_2016-08-26-20-19-58


I love how everything in the room comes together to create a theme of neutral colours set as the background for more fun patterns in the decor. The fireplace and the wall lamps are a stunning combination.

This is my living room. My design idea for this room was to incorporate light colors and comfort because this is where we spend most to our time when we are relaxing at home. I added comfortable seating and cushions and a little bit to glamour and elegance with the accessories. It’s also my favorite room to design because  I can switch up the mantle and table top decor with the changing seasons

The Dining Room


The emphasis here is on the tiny details and working with the natural light coming in. The fresh flowers, the floral rug, the view outside all give a very serene feel to the dining room. The chairs and chandelier add personality and keep the space from being boring.

Our formal dining too is airy and bright. I call it my sunroom dining room because of all the light in this room. I love to add fresh flowers and sit in here and just enjoy the beautiful sounds of the outdoor and nature.

The Master Bedroom


The master bedroom is cozy, elegant and perfectly romantic- the type you can cuddle in after a rough day at work.

This is our master bedroom. As you can see I just love neutral colors with pops of fresh flowers. I love my bedroom to feel comfortable but have the look and feel of glamour and elegance.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t have a specific style. I love to incorporate traditional with transitional design. My inspiration when I decorate is comfort and relaxing but also the look of glamour and elegance.

Every home owner comes across certain challenges or obstacles that they face when decorating. What was that certain challenge for you? And how do you suggest someone in a similar situation tackle it?

I think we all have this visualization in our head when we have a room we want to design or redesign and sometimes the colors and textures we love doesn’t always turned out we way we thought it would. Specifically for me it used to be paint colors and furniture. I would have this color and style in my head but then the paint color will either be too light or too dark. My advice would be always sample the 3 colors on the watch because sometimes the colors are not always what they appear to be. After you get the right paint color start with the larger pieces of furniture first and then finish off with accessorizing. This way you get the idea where you would like to fill in empty spots with wall art or table, mantle decor. It’s also easier to return small items rather than large pieces of furniture.

An interior decor trend/idea you love?

I love the look of the distressed trend. I love furniture that looks a little distressed especially with light or white colors. It’s also the most inexpensive and easy DIY way to give your home an update without spending too much on something you might change your mind on in five years.

An interior decor trend/idea you aren’t a fan of?

My least favorite home decor trend right now is the mismatched cabinets and different materials in the kitchen. I love a light and airy kitchen and with this trend I think it just makes everything look and feel cluttered. I love my kitchen to feel airy and bright.

Your top tips for anyone decorating or renovating their home?

  • If you want to update your home but you are on a budget, start small. The quickest and least inexpensive way to update any room is switch out your throw pillows and wall decor. Not only will your room instantly transform but you can choose where to shop for these trends depending on your budget.
  • If you want more space in your home sometimes you don’t have to move into a bigger home depending on how much more space you need or want. The open room concept will instantly transform your home and give you more space. And it’s usually as simple as hiring a good contractor to knock down the walls depending on the structure of your home.

A quote you’d love to hang in your bedroom?

My fav quote in my bedroom is “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realized they were the big things.” It’s an everyday reminder for me that life is so precious and everyday is a blessing! We should never take it for granted because tomorrow is hopeful, live today.

Angelique’s home is refined, and what I love about her style is that she doesnt try to go overboard. Adding just the right amount of decor and details, she creates a sace that is pretty to look at and comfortable to be in. We wish her the best of luck for her life, carerr, and family.


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