Living Room With 1930’s Glamor

I was browsing through the internet and came across this fabulous video on the House and Home channel. Usually when you try bringing an old style into a room, it’s very easy for the room to look dated. What I loved the most about this room was that the interior designer Grace Castaneda created a living room that was the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary.


Her advice for bringing such class and refinement when incorporating a certain era or style in a room?

“The key to that for me is restraint. It’s choosing the right pieces that are a nod to that particular style and then choosing fabrics that are modern and practical. Pulling back a little on the design. You know if it’s an ornate design that your working within, then cleaning up the lines just a bit. So there are hints of pre-war in this room but they don’t leap out at you and I think that just a result of striking the right balance.”









To watch the full videoΒ click here.

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