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Sherina, an investment professional and realtor, lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, her son and a dog.  The couple just moved into their third home a year ago, and they share a passion in decorating their current home.  She loves pouring over Pinterest decorating and design ideas to find the next DIY challenge for her husband.  As they have downsized from a larger house, they are loving the challenge to utilize their current space effectively.  Small space, Big living is their new motto. Here Sherina takes us through her house:


Ground floor – Living And Dining Areas


Sherina and her husband maximized the living and dining areas with smart color choices and furniture arrangement. The result is an open space that beautifully avoids being cluttered.

We wanted to create an elegant yet livable space, one in which our young son can be himself comfortably.  The custom couch by Sarah Richardson is holding up very well with our constant use and splash-dives by little man.  I also love the acrylic side tables, which gives the space a contemporary touch.  The walls are a bit plain right now, but the Mr. will eventually add wainscoting once our main storage DIY projects are completed.



The way they did their kitchen is a lesson for anyone who wants to add glamor into such a busyspace.

As our ground floor is open concept, we wanted to let our living and dining areas shine by keeping the design of the kitchen muted.  We designed a minimalist kitchen that’s both modern and elegant.  The modern/ minimalist element is the upper cabinets that are level across the perimeter.  We maximized counter space in this small kitchen by using undercounter appliances, like the fridge, freezer and microwave drawers.  We chose a blue-toned velvet to upholster the kitchen stools, also designed by Sarah Richardson, as a finishing touch to the gray and white kitchen.  Our next projects for the kitchen are adding a backsplash, under-cabinet valence lighting and glass shelves in the glass cabinets.

Dressing Room


The dressing room is absolutely stunning. Bright, simple and elegant with white walls, mirrored doors and the gorgeous glass chandelier in stark contrast to the dark wooden floors. 

We asked the builder to delete the wall in between the his and her closets to create one open closet space.  After several iterations of design, we ultimately agreed upon this Sex and the City inspired closet.  I love everything about this closet, as it’s the ultimate DIY challenge for my dear husband.  But what I really love are the soft-closing doors and drawers, and also the hardware that dress up this beautiful closet.  One thing still missing is either a mirror or artwork on the wall of the vanity nook.

How would you describe your style? And what inspires you to create such interiors?

My husband and I prefer decorating our home with timeless and elegant pieces in a neutral setting.  We loved watching design shows on HGTV, and our main influence must be Sarah Richardson (hence, our love of her furniture pieces in our home!).  She designs elegant spaces that are practical and livable, and we try to instil that same philosophy when designing and decorating our own home.

Every home owner comes across certain challenges or obstacles that they face when decorating. What was that certain challenge for you? And how do you suggest someone in a similar situation tackle it?

Our kitchen is in the middle of the house and has no direct access to windows.  We chose a light gray cabinet color instead of a dark color to help brighten up the kitchen.  Aside from the pot lights that were installed, we also added 2 mini chandeliers above the island to increase task lighting.  Eventually, under-cabinet valence lighting will add more task lighting to the perimeter of the kitchen.  Always layer lighting, it’s less straining to the eyes for one, and it also creates better ambiance.

What room/area did you enjoy styling the most?

I love creating different vignettes on tabletops, and my living room serves up this purpose just right.  I occasionally restyle the coffee table and side tables (and their bottom mirror shelves) to experiment with old or new accessories, and I love sharing these new vignettes on my Instagram account.

 An interior decor trend/idea you love?

Ever since we painted our DIY office built-in at our previous home, we’ve grown to love gray cabinetry.  Its deeper hue picks up on the cabinetry’s detailing better than whites.  It also lends a sophisticated vibe to the room it’s used for, especially when it’s paired with gold hardware.

An interior decor trend/idea you aren’t a fan of?

I usually style in simple layers, so farmhouse chic is a challenge for me.  There are amazing farmhouse stylists that layer shabby chic accessories for that farmhouse vibe, all the while looking neat.  It’ll just turn into a hot mess in my attempt!

Your top 3 tips for anyone decorating or renovating their home?

  • If you’re DIY’ing a project, measure twice, cut once, or order once…  i.e. minimize mistakes caused by erroneous measurements; plan ahead.
  • Layer a space with contrasting textures to create visual interest
  • Decorate with what you love, shop different sources.  Try shopping vintage if you can’t find what you want at retail – that was how I found our coffee table and dining room console table.

Sherina and her husband created a wonderful house that manages to catch the eye without being too dramatic. We wish them the best of luck for their home, family and life.

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